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So you want to join the Legion!

While we may not always be actively seeking a particular class, we are always keeping an eye out for skilled players.

What do we offer you?

What we offer is endgame raiding with a group of nice (some insane) people.We aren’t as hardcore as some other guilds, but we do have decent progress and we have fun doing so. The guild is based around a core group of people that have been raiding together for a long time, and those that joined the group along the way.

If you decide to apply, and actually get accepted, you will be at trial status for around 2 to 4 weeks, depending what impression you give us. During your time as trial you will earn DKP, but you will not be able to outbid members on loot. This doesn’t mean you will not be getting any loot at all during your trial period, because the majority of the guild already has very good gear.When your trial period is over, you will have the same rights as all other members of the guild.

Legio Obscura is a PVE guild, we do pvp sometimes, but the primary target is PVE progress, so you will not be geared for PVP purposes, that is all up to you.

What do we expect from new people?

The first and foremost requirement is that you can meet our raiding times. We basically raid five days a week, Wednesday & Thursday, Sunday to Tuesday. On these nights our raids start at 19.00 and will end at 23.00. Any new member should be able to attend at least 80% of those raids (missing 1 or 2 nighs every week is acceptable, if you announce it beforehand).

Other then attendace, we expect you to:

- Have decent understanding of English, in speaking, writing and understanding.
- Have a good connection to the WoW-servers and have a PC that’s not from the stoneage. If you keep disconnecting during raids, keep crashing or keep doing whatever it is that makes it impossible for you to stay online during raids, your trial will be over really, really soon.
- Have ventrilo, and be able to listen to it (speaking on it is a plus)
- Maintain the costs of raiding, and wiping.
- Have decent gear; tiers or equivalent
- Understand your class, and play it like it should be played. Do the damage/healing you should, and look for ways to do better.
- Do not go emo (overly dramatic) when someone makes a harsh joke about anything. Some people in the guild have a sick sense of humor, and for some reason they all joined Dark Legion.
- Have the mental capacity to understand basic concepts, and when you fuck up (everyone does sometimes) you are able to adapt, learn and not fuck up again (not accepting your mistake will just make your Raid Leader furius) the rest is up to your imagination.
- Have PvE as your main priority. Skipping raids/being late to raids because your arena team needs 3 more games is unacceptable, and will get you removed from the guild immediately without warning.

Be sure about wanting to play this game. If you are accepted, the guild as a whole will invest time in gearing you up, and getting you ready for the next instance. If you just want to see Kel'thuzad once, do not bother applying, you will be wasting your and our time. Keep in mind that we do not expect perfect players. You get to fuck up, you will wipe raids, you will get flamed for it by the rest of the guild for doing so, but it will not end your trial. We take time for people to improve during their trial, and try to help them out in that process.(secret word: wsdr) However, telling you what button to press next is NOT going to happen.

Before applying, keep in mind that cross-server recruitment will lock your character on the new server of your choice, and that you will be here all by yourself. This is your problem, not ours. You will not be getting any special treatment because you migrated to join us and this will not be taken into consideration when your trial is evaluated.

If you believe that you possess the qualities we are looking for, then take your time and fill inn the application form, and we will contact you if we are interested.

Please remeber that first impressions count. Putting effort into your application will make it stand out from the rest, showing us that you mean business and are serious about your raiding.

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